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Yannick Guédon & Thomas Bernardet
06/07/2014 -

Yannick Guédon is a French born composer, singer and performance artist.
His work focuses on tiny variations of timbres, as well as subjective notions of time and silence. He creates listening situations where the spectator is invited to appreciate the time and context in which the musical action takes place, revealing the sound, visual and light environment. The main tool of his projects is always sound, but it is often highlighted by questions linked to the body and the presence of the performer in the precise context in which the performance takes place.
Recently, he has collaborated with the following artists: ensemble Dedalus, Aernoudt Jacobs, Catherine Lamb, Rebecca Lane, Laurent Pichaud, Éliane Radigue, Sébastien Roux, Marc Sabat.

Thomas Bernardet studied photography and video art at the Beaux-arts in Toulouse and Marseille, and as an exchange student at the Kent Institute of Art and Design. He has been living and working in Brussels since 2004. His work addresses the conditions in which an image, whether still or moving, is captured and shown. The presence of abstraction in documentary images is also a recurring theme. He has recently shown his work at Vidéodanses festival in Centre Pompidou, Galerie Magda Danys in Paris, True Color Museum, Suzhou in China, Gallery Mot International in Brussels and Galerie Point to Point in Nîmes. His film “Les Doubres” won the Grand Jury Prize at Transmediales Berlin.


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