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Workshop with Magno Caliman: Hardware hacking and experimental electronics (FULL)
02/12/2023 - 03/12/2023

=> Sessions on Saturday 2/12 and Sunday 3/12, 11h to 17h [waiting list] <=


Hardware Hacking and experimental electronics


In this workshop we will experiment with the electronic circuits as materials for experimental artistic practices. Making use of simple alligator clips and batteries, we’ll modify and hack scrap speakers and motors, turning them into synthesizers, percussion instruments, and kinetic sculptures. In the process we’ll learn, in practice, basic electronic concepts such as electrical conductivity and electromagnetism, and how they relate to audio and sound generation.


From a discussion on notions such as the Brazillian “gambiarra” and programmed obsolescence, we’ll also modify commercial electronic devices exploring the practice of circuit bending, altering the circuits of devices that in other circumstances would be obsolete and/or discarded.


No prior knowledge is needed for participation.
Information on materials will be sent by email to the participants after registration.

Workshop in English


Registration via email at, mentioning “Workshop Hardward Hacking”

Fee 20€ / 15€ (reduced)


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Workshop in the framework of tekhnē, supported by the European Union.

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