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Workshop: Creating Imaginary Conversations with Found-Speech – Marc Matter
18/03/2018 - 12:30 - 18:00 / 20€


with Found-Speech


This workshop focuses on the use of pre-existing speech-samples taken from media-footage, and the possibilities to ‹perform› an imaginary conversations with our own found speech-material.
Appropriation has been known, used and discussed as artistic practice for a long time. It can also be found in other fields like advertising, internet-memes or propaganda. We will listen to examples and discuss the qualities and implications using found-material in the context of speech and language, as well as doing some exercises with found-speech brought in by the participants. The idea is to «talk» to each other using samples of a found voice, although having only a very limited vocabulary at ones disposal. We will cut the material apart to create a library of found-speech, improvise with this material, and therefore trying to create an imaginary conversation.


– participants should:

—> bring a laptop with a sound-software installed (a software that allows cutting-up and editing of audiofiles), that is also able to playback sound.
—> preselect and bring one speech-sample (as a soundfile, preferably in English) that will be used and edited in the workshop – this can be material from CDs, records, TV, radio, internet etc.


workshop will be held in English

20€ registration requested with pre-payment to


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