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Viola Yip / Kevin Fairbairn (SMOG n34)
17/06/2019 - 20:30 -8€/6€

Viola YIP: Lazy Susan & Bulblle

Incorporating the design of a Lazy Susan (a turntable for dining) as its foundation, Lazy Studies features it as a performative tool that allows the translation of our musical body gestures into sounds via sonic feedback. This mechanically and digitally mediated feedback is made musical through various turning speeds that set various relationships between the three speakers and microphones. Its sound is further filtered analogically by various objects, such as finger cymbals and paper that is used for this piece.

Bulbble is an electronic DIY instrument that allows music created from the pulse-timbre continuum of mechanical sounds generated from relays, the electromagnetic relationships and vibrational relationships between relays and electricity. Through buttons, knobs, relays, and lightbulbs, Viola also explores the sonic and performative relationships that emerges from these relationships.


Kevin FAIRBAIRN: flotsam&jetsam

flotsam&jetsam provoke brass instruments in various states of pre- re- and de-construction, eliciting the sonic proclivities of the metal tubes and sheets themselves.


in Collaboration with SMOG

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