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17/07/2018 - 22/07/2018

GÒMS was born at the beginning of 2018. The basic idea was to have fun together, building up an ensemble whose aim is to research on sound and music writing, following each of the musician artistic interests. Indeed, all the musicians are composers, each of the musician composes for the whole ensemble, as to develop/research on specific and personal subjects.


Pierre Slinckx composes mixed music (electronic mixed with acoustic instruments) and performs the live electronics parts of his compositions. He designs his electronic instruments with cheap midi controllers and a laptop aiming a genuinely musical “playability”. He performs laptop with the Belgian ensemble LAPS. He is member of SMOG which organises monthly concerts in Brussels ( where “classical” contemporary music co-exists with experimental and alternative pop music. More info:

Gilles Gobert composes and plays electronic/mixed music with different groups as the laptop duo [KNAPP], the LAPS ensemble or with individual instrumentalists (Nao Momitani, Véronique Delcambre,…) and I realized several projects with the visual artist/singer Inger Elisabeth Gleditsch. He is also a part of the SMOG organization staff. He is currently a professor of electronic composition and mixed music at the Royal Academy of Music of Liège and lecturer/assistant at the Royal Academy of Music of Mons (Arts²). More info:

Mathieu Calleja est un batteur / compositeur basé à Bruxelles. Il joue dans les projets “Going”, “Kalimi”, “Orange Moon”. Il travaille aussi avec la compagnie de danse Ballets Confidentiels dans les pièces “Beats” et “2 women and a drummer” et à l’opéra de Lille sur la production “La légende du roi dragon”. Il a rencontré ou fait des disques avec: Giovanni Di Domenico, Pak Yan Lau, Joao Lobo, Toma Gouband, Akira Sakara, Darin Gray, Manuel Mota entre autres…

The Brussels born flutist Manfroy Quentin worked in various formations: New Music Ensemble Garett List, Maak Spirit, Sturm und Klang, Fanfare du Belgistan , Black Light Orchestra. After attending classes of beachvolley in Ostende, he recorded several albums with Orange Kazoo, BBB and Late Victorian (with Black Light Orchestra) and Music and Dance of Belgistan. He has also recorded music for the film “Françoise and François” of Clémence Hébert. Quentin Manfroy is constantly working on various projects around the world.

Vera Cavallin was born in Italy and studied classical harp at the Conservatory in Venice and she then obtained a degree in composition at the Conservatory in Mons. Since 2007 she lives in Brussels, where, among activities related to teaching and music production. She is the founder of the music concerts series S M O G and she keeps practicing and performing music within different formations. What interests her most, at present, is to dive among dolphins, to plants seeds, to cook and to search for new technics and sounds on the classical harp as well as to develop compositions mixing different kinds of music.

Sebastian Dingens - WALKS
Pavel Tchikov 29/11/23
Nika Son - Scatter

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