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VELAK Export #3
27/06/2014 - 20:00 3€

Lale Rodgarkia-Dara & Anna Steiden /

Audrey Lauro & Pak Yan Lau /

Ingrid Schmoliner & Juan Parra /

Yannick Franck /

Tamara Wilhelm & Daniel Lercher & Vinzenz Schwab /

Floris Vanhoof /

Shrack /

DJ: Tommy De Nys /

Stephanie Quirola

Velak, a Vienna-based collective engaged in electroacoustic music, meets Brussels.

As part of the latest project, Velak Export 3 aims to connect the experimental music scene of both cities.

You’re invited to two days of deep listening sessions and peculiar performances.
Enjoy sound and noise in all its lively forms.

Velak Export #3 is brought to you by Ateliers Claus, Q-O2, Velak, the Austrian Cultural Forum Brussels and the SKE-Fonds.

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