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Tuned City Brussels – Noise and Multiplicity
28/06/2013 - 10:00 > 22:00

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Noise is a notion containing a multiplicity of meanings. It is highly subjective, complex, difficult to define. On the first day of the festival the topic will be explored through its concrete embodiment in the area around the Botanical Gardens. This part of northern central Brussels is highly condensed and layered and breathes a special aesthetic of agglomeration and urban compression. The Botanical Gardens and Building were constructed in 1826 and appear nowadays as a strange island within the city fabric. Due to a process of construction begun in the 1960s, the gardens have become surrounded: by the subway, the ring-tunnel traffic system and high-rise buildings, such as the State Administrative Quarter and the recently built Financial Tower.

How is the urban space acoustically defined and created by its usage and the overlapping of different functionalities? What is happening within and between the structural layers? On Day 1 we will visit high and low sites, and explore inside and outside, in an area that stretches all the way to North Station.

Botanique Centre Culturel: 236 rue Royale/Koningsstraat, 1210 Bxl (open 12:00 > 20:00)

Tickets: conference €5 – performance €5 – day pass €8 – festival pass €25

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Pavel Tchikov 29/11/23
Nika Son - Scatter

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