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Tomoko Sauvage / Daniel Meyer Gronvold & Havard Volden
26/10/2009 - 20:30

Daniel Meyer Grønvold: Acoustic tabletop guitar, Lo-fi electronics, Dictaphone
Håvard Volden: Acoustic 12-string tabletop guitar, lo-fi electronics, Discman

Two active players in the new generation of Norwegian improvisers. The duo has worked together for a two-year period, looking into the possibilities of similar instrumentation. It started out as a strictly acoustic duo but has gradually incorporated contact mics and simple electronics such as dictaphone and discman into their setup. The music is slow and patient with a strong focus on space and timing, textures and contrasts. Instead of filling the room with their sounds, they open it, and invite you to take part as a listener. They both have worked with several great musicians the last years such as Annette Krebs, Toshi Nakamura, Rafael Toral and Charles Hayward to name a few. They just released their selftitled record on the Portuguese label Creative Sources Records.

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