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post-residency performance
22/09/2022 - 18h - free

For this residency, Tomas has been working on a solo set for acoustic guitar and processed field and archive recordings. The material used comes from different practices: some of it are short pieces for solo guitar, others are recordings of realizations of text scores in public and domestic contexts, and some others are archive materials (interviews, musical recordings, fragments of movie dialogues, etc.). Some of this materials are related to texts Tomas wrote or found, and objects. This collection holds different aesthetic and semiotic values: some of them are very personal, others are local references, some others are recently found. Tomas is interested in treating musical narrative as a place where he models and modulates the semiotic charge these materials have. A long-term objective of the project is to find out how this dramaturgy can be expanded materialities other than sound, to the more general realm of “events”, by curating settings of objects, putting together texts and publications, using other types of archives, and so on.


Q-O2 · Tomás Cabado 2022


Tomás Cabado 2022

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