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Tiptoe Company
13/12/2011 - 20:30

The Tiptoe Company started up as an “ensemble of ‘delicate’ instruments” and is coached by the Ictus and Spectra Ensemble in the framework of the “Post Master in contemporary music” taught at the Ghent Conservatory. Currently, the guitar, recorder, harp and double bass have the main roles and recent creations are combined with repertoire that in one way or another plays with ‘stillness’ or with the reduced volume of the instruments. Furthermore, the relationship between instrumental action and the sound produced constitutes a starting point for what could be called ‘music theatre at a micro level’; actually something that is inherent to any form of ‘live’ music.

Concert Program:

Frederik Neyrinck ‘(Voraus)echo der gestalt II’ (2011) for contrabass solo

Fausto Romitelli ‘Simmetria d’oggetti’ (1988) for soprano recorder and guitar 

Frederik Neyrinck ‘Mischung IV’ (2011) for cello solo

Maurizio Pisati ‘Studi II’ (1990) for guitar and ‘Odolghes’ (2006) for guitar and contrabass

José Maria Sanchez-Verdu ‘Nada’ (2009) for cello and guitar

Nico Sall ‘Tactics’ (2011) for alto recorder, harp, guitar, contrabass and electronics

Entrance: €5


Ruth Van Killegem is no stranger to the Baroque world and excelled as a recorder soloist in ensembles such as Il Gardellino, Collegium Instrumentale Brugense and More Maiorum. Guitarist Jona Kesteleyn has played with Ruth as a duo for years and together they recorded the CD “Pas de Tango” in 2006, including compositions by Kris De Baerdemacker and Ward De Vleeschhouwer among others. Jona is also active in orchestras and ensembles and has performed for the first time on a theatre stage as part of theatre company Vi. Pieter Lenaerts recently travelled to New Delhi to make a CD with his Indian companions on sarod and tabla. He works as a freelance double bass player in orchestras such The Royal Flemish Philharmonic and the National Orchestra and is an autodidact in the music of Scodanibbio, Grillo and Partch. Harpist Jutta Troch is a member of Ensemble Besides and Nadar and organises the What’s Next Festival in Flagey. She is currently performing with the alternative rock band Dez Mona as well.

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