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Thomas Olbrechts + Kim Myhr & Sebastien Roux
28/11/2008 - 20:30

Thomas Olbrechts, alto saxophone player & instant composer, has developed a strong individual musical discourse that plays off rigid saxophonetechniques and compositionsystems against each other. Sebastien Roux (electronics) en Kim Myhr (guitar, objects, simple mechanics) play electro-acoustic improvisations that operate within a large textural and harmonic area. The poetry of the small sound and gesture is important for both of the artists’ work, and a myriad of these small events make a complex whole. The music shifts quickly from dense to sparse or from pitch to noise. Myhrs´ often simplistic approach to sound and pitch merges with the treatments by Roux, and the difference between acoustic and electronic sounds is blurred. The result is a positive and soft-edged music, where the dynamic and spontaneous interplay between men and machines seem to take the focus.

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