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Workshop: Writing About Sound Art
25/02/2017 - 11:00 - 17:00

There Are No Words: Writing About Sound Art


There Are No Words is a seminar-structured workshop focused on the practice of writing about sound art. The workshop will centre primarily on articulating sound art projects in a way that is accessible for readers outside the discipline, including multi-disciplinary funding and residency juries and the general public. Participants will explore a number of brainstorming exercises designed to stimulate the writing process and examine how to edit existing texts for clarity and precision.


Language: English


Topic: reading, writing, reflecting on sound art


Target group: (sound) artists, writers, curators, organisers and those interested in writing on sound art


Capacity: 12 participants


Fee and registration: 20 euro (lunch included), write no later than Wednesday 22 February 2017 to enroll

Sebastian Dingens - WALKS
Pavel Tchikov 29/11/23
Nika Son - Scatter

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