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The Week of the Sound: Okkyung Lee & Lee Patterson
23/01/2013 - 20:30 - free entrance on reservation

Between 21 and 27 January, the Week of Sound places sound under the spotlight, homing in on creation, distribution, the environment and health. The Week of Sound is more than a festival. It is a socially relevant event that sparks questions, surprise, resistance, hope and expectations in terms of sound. The project was launched by the Frenchman Christian Hugonnet in Paris ten years ago, rippled to 50 other French cities and is now also given a platform in Geneva, Montreal, Athens, Argentina, Mexico, Columbia and Brussels. Patron for the Brussels edition in 2013 is Raymond Ravar, founder of the INSAS, while Abdel Rahman El Bacha, pianist and laureate of the Queen Elisabeth Competition in 1978, is guest of honour.

On 23 January, Q-O2 presents concerts of the cellist Okkyung Lee and sound artist Lee Patterson.

Free entrance but please, make a reservation.

More info on Week of Sound.

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