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SWEET SPOT #2 – music for loudspeakers : Beatriz Ferreyra, Daniel Perez Hajdu, Laryssa Kim, Gael Segalen
25/09/2018 - 20:00

A presentation of music on a acousmonium with the legendary Beatriz Ferreyra (fr) as a central guest, who will play in the middle. The other live acts are the young futurians Larissa Kim (it) + Daniel Perez Hajdu (cu/b) + Gael Segalen (fr)


The new concert series SWEET SPOT proposes a varied program of acousmatic and electro-acoustic music from local and international composers. A setup of more than 20 loudspeakers creates an immersive listening environment and invites the audience to open the ears to 360 degrees. With Beatriz Ferreyra, Laryssa Kim, Daniel Perez Hajdu & Gael Segalen.


This event is a collaboration between Sweet Spot, Q-O2 & les ateliers claus. The concert takes place in Rue Crickxstraat 13, 1060 Brussels – Les Ateliers Claus.

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