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ONLY ONLINE (live event CANCELLED): Songing With Our Ancestors – Radio Session with Peggy Pierrot
22/01/2022 - 20h - live radio broadcast

RADIO BROADCAST on radio p-node

Public Live Event at Q-O2: CANCELLED


Live radio session with writer, radio dj and educator Peggy Pierrot.
From Drexciya and other Detroit techno bands, to historians and science fiction writers, to Solomon Rivers, author of speculative and literary fiction such as The Deep, the Atlantic Ocean – known here as the Black Atlantic – has been the crucible for stories of loss and flight, abduction and rebirth. This radio program invites us to dive into this black ocean in search of these sounds and stories.


Playlist of the Radio Show:

Vangelis -Sauvage et Beau, le chant des baleines
Clipping – The deep
Ed Blackwell / Don Cherry / Charlie Haden / Dewey Redman – Old dream and
new Dreams
The comet is coming – The Prophecy
Drexciya – Intro: Temple Of Dos De Agua
the Aquanauts – Aquatic Kamikazi
Drexciya – Hydro Theory
Earth – Sonar and Depth Charge
Joe Henderson & Alice Coltrane – Water
Shabaka and the Ancestors – The Sea
Mr. Bubble – Bubble Beats
Sun Ra – Lanquidity
Le chant des baleines – Killer Whale, Orcinus Orca
Ras-G – Been Cosmic
Le chant des baleines – narwhal Whale, Monodon Monoceros
Sons of Kemet – in remembrance of those fallen
Extracts from The deep by Rivers Solomon in french and in english.


Organised by VUB Crosstalks, Kaaitheater and Q-O2

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