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Showcase Emerging Sound 2024: Anouk Kellner, Pavel Tchikov, Lawrence McGuire, Kaat Vanhaverbeke
16/05/2024 -

STUK & Q-O2 present:

Showcase Emerging Sound 2024

Maak kennis met de volgende generatie Belgische geluidskunstenaars

Meet the next generation of Belgium-based sound artists

Anouk Kellner
Pavel Tchikov
Lawrence McGuire
Kaat Vanhaverbeke



➤ Donderdag / Thursday 16.05 – 19:00
➤ Start: STUK Studio (4e verdieping / 4th floor)
➤ Gratis met reservatie / Free with reservation:
➤ Concert met open deuren. Flexibele setting: staand, kussens of krukjes. / Concert with open doors. Flexible setting: standing, pillows or stools.



19:00-20:00: Anouk Kellner — Airchoirs (installatie)
20:00: Start performances:
Anouk Kellner — Airchoirs
Pavel Tchikov — MMM (Motor Music Machine)
Lawrence McGuire — Enokian Soupe (+ Amarante Nat)
Kaat Vanhaverbeke — 3D Accordion XL
22:00: Einde


Each year, STUK & Q-O2 present a showcase of new sound art in Belgium. Four promising sound artists were selected and put in the spotlights: Anouk Kellner, Pavel Tchikov, Lawrence McGuire & Kaat Vanhaverbeke. They get residency space, artistic feedback and present their work in a parcours during the Showcase Emerging Sound 2024.


Airchoirs is the graduation project of Anouk Kellner at RITCS. She built an installation with wooden organ pipes and sculptural inflatable bags that fill the space with soft tones that swell and fade again. The installation can be heard from 7pm in the Studio, after which Kellner will also give a live performance at 8pm.

Afterwards, we descend to the Labozaal for Pavel Tchikov. With his installation performance MMM (Motor Music Machine), he wanted to create a mechanical instrument playable via motors. It includes strings, brass chimes and selfmade steel-plate speakers. With this instrument, Tchikov creates an uncanny electroacoustic sound world.

Lawrence McGuire (also known under the moniker hogobogobogo) is based between Brussels and The Hague. For this Showcase he’ll present a new iteration of Enokian Soupe, a collaboration with vocalist and composer Amarante Nat. In this piece, the voice is explored through simultaneous combinations of human (Nat’s) and synthetic phonations. By perceptually fusing the human with the artificial, the combination reveals a richer and hybridized form of both voices.

Finally, accordionist Kaat Vanhaverbeke plays her composition 3D Accordion XL, for accordion, electronics and theatrical-choreographic movements. The three-dimensional aspect refers to the possibility of pulling and pushing the accordion’s bellows in different directions. Specific movements are linked to specific musical parameters such as pitch and rhythm. This gives the music an extra dimension of spatiality.


Special thanks to Overtoon


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