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La Semaine du Son: Anthea Caddy – Tomoko Sauvage
26/01/2012 - 20:30

‘La Semaine du Son’ [Week of Sound] was in 2004 an initiative by Christian Hugonnet that took place in Paris. Since 2011, there have been similar events in some fifty other French cities and beyond, including Montreal, Mexico, Geneva and Brussels. The second Brussels edition of the ‘Semaine du Son/Week van de Klank’ will take place at different locations spread across the city between 23 and 29 January. Thanks to a programme blend of both theory and practice relating to sound in the broadest sense of the word, the festival will be highlighting fascinating, yet invisible, aspects in different ways throughout the week. In that way, the festival hopes to awaken among the listeners a sensitivity for sound and sound environment, yet at the same time develop a critical ear.

For La Semaine du Son, Q-O2 will showcase its activities with 2 performances.

Cellist and sound artist ANTHEA CADDY (AUS) will, based on her interest in the relationship between space, recorded sound and instrumental performances, focus on the physical nuances of acoustic and sound-amplified spaces. Thanks to her very own technique, she will create a unique sound experience, thus allowing the listener to be submerged in the sound of her instrument. This is how the distance between the audience and the performer can fade into the background, making way for the physical and sonic dimension of space and the instrument.

TOMOKO SAUVAGE (JP) will present her project A RAINBOW IN CURVED WATER, an intimate concert that invites the listener to engage in inertia, space and careful listening. Her instrument, which she designed herself, consists of ‘singing bowls’ (porcelain bowls, water and underwater microphones), and her sound material is water, steam and water drops, to which she has added drones that are generated by natural feedback.

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