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Second Sundays #7: CAVE CLUB presents Stine Sampers & Jan Matthé
09/09/2018 - 17:00-18:00 (doors 16:30)

For its 7th edition, Second Sundays invites ongoing literary/design salon Cave Club to ring in it’s post-summer return. Cave Club began in 2016 as an underground space drawing on the codes of a literary salon organised by designer Roxanne Maillet. Contributing authors are invited to read their texts aloud for an audience, with these readings then re-transcribed and rendered as limited press publications. Each publication seeks to reflect the modifications that are brought to written texts when they are read aloud.


In response to the invitation, Cave Club int turn invite Stine Sampers and Jan Matthé for a reading and listen session entitled ‘Blue Letters’. Stine Sampers and Jan Matthé met two years ago while talking about books and have since shared an irregular correspondence with a non-exclusive focus on the colour blue, in music and beyond. Their synaesthetic conversation through lyrics, titles, names, and artwork is ongoing but will linger momentarily on this blue afternoon.


Sunday September 9
Doors 16:30
Reading and Listening 17:00
Cocktail of the month: Yves Klein Blue


Free entry

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