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Eliane Radigue, Rhodri Davies & John Butcher
14/03/2012 -

Eliane Radigue: Occam I for harp, played by Rhodri Davies
John Butcher: The Geometry of Sentiment
John Butcher & Rhodri Davies

Occam I, for harp, played by Rhodri Davies, is the first piece of a new series of acoustic compositions by Eliane Radigue, a French composer who is creating electro-acoustic music since the 1950s. John Butcher plays saxophone. His recent project ‘resonant spaces’ in which he examines different areas with special acoustics, can count on a lot of attention. Rhodri Davies (electric harp) and John Butcher form a duo since 2000 in which they will conclude the evening.

In collaboration with Beursschouwburg.
Entrance: €6

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