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Portrait Michael Pisaro
11/07/2010 - 15:00 > 20:30

Michael Pisaro (born 1961) is an American experimental composer. He has created over 100 works for a great variety of instrumental combinations, including several pieces for variable instrumentation. He teaches composition at the California Institute of the Arts. Remarkable and unprecedented in its novel use of silence, duration, and structure, his work is regarded by many as some of the most important recent work in the experimental tradition. During the day of 11th July three pieces will be played. ‘Harmony Series’ (2004-06) revolves around the process of translation. In this collection of thirty-four pieces the composer translates a wide variety of poems into text scores. ‘mind is moving’ (1996) is a series of pieces that unfold the world of harmonics, presented her in a version for string trio. At the end of the day Michael Pisaro will present ‘Different Weather (Five Skies)’ a new piece for ensemble and electronics in which ‘environmental silences’ will play a central role. The pieces will be performed by the group ‘Incidental Music’ (Manfred Werder, Angharad Davies, Julia Eckhardt, Stefan Thut, Normisa Pereira da Silva) together with Sylvain Chauveau and Aernoudt Jacobs.Inbetween the pieces Michael Pisaro will talk about his work. Program:15:00 > 18:00 ‘Harmony Series’18:00 > 19:00 dinner-break 19:00 – 19:30 talk Michael Pisaro – Sylvain Chauveau 19:30 – 20:30 ‘mind is moving’ + ‘Different Weather (Five Skies)’

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