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post-residency performance
29/08/2017 - 19:00

No noise is an island –
A collection of instrumental and recorded sounds, texts, scores, pictures, video


This evening is an invitation to look at the current work and process of Pia Palme. Texts, fotos, videos, and perceptions were gathered during her residency as she walked through the city on foot, day by day. These experiences also contribute to a performance with the contrabass recorder. Furthermore, she has been working on a composition for string quartet. The composition was originally inspired by a magnificent tree in Vienna, which will be featured in a visual for the work. Sounds recorded in Brussels contribute to the piece.


Pia Palme found the title and caption ‘No noise is an island’ on the first day in Brussels, walking to the workspace through gusts of wind and rain. The weather has lightened up as she continued working throughout two weeks. The themes of both her connectedness and loneliness as a human being in the (foreign?) city prevailed, while at the same time the sense of contributing (personal) noise to an overall bustling urban environment has become stronger.


Read the blog here.

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