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post-residency performance
22/02/2022 - 18h - free

I.M. – Immutable mobile (current state)


During the last years I intensely explored and composed with circular movements of light- and sound-sources. Following this path, I will present the state of an yet unfinished piece I am currently developing during the Q-O2 residency; ‘Immutable Mobile’ is based on the rotation of light-sources and an directly integrated light-to-audio-feedback-system.
The light’s intensity generate proportional audiosignals – the combination of these two basic parameters alongside with an electroacoustic soundscape should give the structure to a piece that will dwell between seduction and confrontation.
As in all of my kinetic works, the human performer’s appearance does and shall not affect the perception of the work. Still the interactions are performed live, decision are being made on site (it is not a precomposed fixed-media piece).


Attention : Stroboscopic effects will be used.


The piece is part of the series ‘rotating sounds’ which such as
ROTOЯ (a sonic body) |

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