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Pali Meursault
21/01/2010 - 31/01/2010

Composing in, about and with a city, with several rules in mind but also some room to cheat: with his residency in Brussels, it is not Pali Meursault’s intention to undertake a strict topographic (or topophonic) survey nor to appeal to the subjective evocation of a (sonic) landscape. It is probably unlikely that we can fathom the true nature of a place or discover its essence. On the other hand microscopic but audible perceptible events are happening everywhere and all the time. So, it will be more about training the hearing, not in the sense of achieving its know-how but rather as some kind of openness to the events, or porosity to our environment. Systematic and/or randomly taken walks become his method to activate this hearing. Walks composed on the city map, restraining movements, complicating the landscape and confronting him with the city’s daily sounds, with the body while in the city.

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