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Oscillation Tape Release – Marcus Bergner + Mika Oki
02/10/2020 - 20h - free

On Friday October 2 we will celebrate the release of a new set of tape cassettes which bring together several works from Oscillation Mayday Radio Marathon, featuring Giovanni Lami, Elisa Ferrari, Julia E Dyck&Diana Duta, martiensgohome, Planète Concrète, Penates, Olli Aarni, Teresa Cos, Lazara Rosell Albear, Edyta Jarzab & Pawel Kreis, with design by Meeuw and print made at Chez Rosi. The release represents a set of tangible artefacts from the streaming festival that took place earlier this year. The festival was a low budget affair, taking place against the backdrop of the pandemic, and we are hugely grateful for the enthusiastic involvement of all of the artists who helped it happen nonetheless. The tape release is a chance the celebrate the release in a lo-fi, potlatch atmosphere, featuring two concerts by artists from the festival.

With performances by Marcus Bergner and Mika Oki.

**NB: Due to Covid-19 restrictions, there will be a limited capacity at this event. Please be punctual to assure your place. Masks must be worn when inside. We are doing everything we can to keep you safe. **

The event is free, but please register at


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