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Oscillation ::: Materia Forma
28/04/2024 - 05/05/2024

The 2024 festival Oscillation ::: Materia Forma is a reflection on form, format and performance. Six days of sound celebrations, featuring concerts, (in-situ) performances, a conference, round table conversations, a walk, and a series of workshops, hosted by VK Vaartkapoen in Molenbeek, and complemented with outings to B.A. in Anderlecht and the Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Molenbeek church. The complete line-up and breakdown per day will go online soon, as will the ticket sale for separate days. Festival passes are already available here.


Ahnjili Zhuparris, Ana María Romano G., Bojana Czević, Enrico Malatesta, Evicshen, Floris Vanhoof, Franziska Windisch, Giulia Rae, Jana Rush, Jaqueline Nova, Ji Youn Kang, Jonáš Gruska, Laura Mello, Lee Patterson & Pak Yan Lau, Liew Niyomkarn, Margarida Garcia, Michiko Ogawa & Lucy Railton, Nika Son, Nina Garcia/Mariachi, Rim Irscheid, Sandar Tun Tun, Shamica Ruddock & Hannan Jones, Tetsuya Umeda, Tom Malmendier & Emilie Škrijelj, and Valentina Vuksic.


Sebastian Dingens - WALKS
Pavel Tchikov 29/11/23
Nika Son - Scatter

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