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Oscillation at Werkplaats Walter
27/04/2019 - 20:00

Concert shifted meaning by Peter Ablinger, Lucy Railton, Andrea Neumann, and Jennifer Walshe.


• Peter Ablinger

Weiss / Weisslich 7b: “Panpiece”  (1999)
Weiss / Weisslich 20: one or more cymbals (1992, 95)
Das Wirkliche als Vorgestelltes (2012)
In his ongoing series Weiss / Weisslich (“white / whitish”) Ablinger explores subtle variations in the use of Rauschen (roughly: white noise), not as a material but as a structural device and a screen against which to measure listening. For this concert, three pieces relating to white noise serve as intermezzi, occupying the gaps between the other performances. Percussionist: Jacob Venneste


• Lucy Railton & Youness Khoukhou

Performance / Markings 

There are no notes for this performance. 


• Andrea Neumann

Solo Nr.4

In her piece Solo nr. 4, performer and public are surrounded by four loudspeakers, that project Neumann’s pre-produced inside piano sounds on four separate channels. The movements of the performer and the sound melt into a symbiotic entity, in which it is no longer clear if the movements are modulating the sound, or vice versa.



• Jennifer Walshe

Is It Cool To Try Hard Now?

Jennifer Walshe manages to devour the mess and madness of social media, the tweets, posts, junk ads, political poison, spurious stats and Reddit rants, and turn all this garbage into something truly, bleakly hilarious and poignant and very great.

Is It Cool To Try Hard Now? ends doped-up, with Walshe floating out the phrase “I will fight this/ with every fibre/ of my carbon-based being”. Is she blissed out? Or concussed? “Humans. Are. The. Next. Platform”, she sings, climbing beyond her vocal range, climbing, climbing, till her voice has become a faint scream.

— Igor Toronyi-Lalic, The Spectator


In collaboration with:

Sebastian Dingens - WALKS
Pavel Tchikov 29/11/23
Nika Son - Scatter

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