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Franziska Windisch – orientation/dance (listening)
20/02/2021 - 21/02/2021



How is listening determined by perspective and orientation? In this workshop we will develop and experiment with different listening exercises dedicated to urban public space that explore listening as a way to orient and situate oneself in space and in relation to others.
The exercises will be conceived for custom-made listening modules built out of light, flexible wooden boards that can be easily carried on the shoulders. The inside of each module is covered with acoustic foam: when closed around the head, the noises from the outside are diminished. Two built-in loudspeakers allow the playback of sounds or spoken instructions via online radio streaming. The setup gives the possibility to create a kind of simultaneity of isolation and opening towards the outside, of individual and collective action in a site-specific context. Out of the individual ideas that come up during the workshop we will compose a group choreography for a site close to Q-O2, that will be performed at the end of the day.


The workshop is limited to 8 participants. For the time of the workshop each particpant will receive a corona-proof listening module for their personal use only. The workshop is held in English, no prior knowledge requested.


Participation fee: 5€


The project orientation/dance is supported by “NEUSTART KULTUR” Musikfonds, Germany


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