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workspace for experimental music and sound art
10/09/2018 - 03/10/2018

During this residency Olli Aarni will work with portable recording devices such as cassette players and use found objects and different spaces in the city to create music with minimal interaction by the artist. He aims to reduce and rethink the artist’s role in creating music, find ways to avoid interfaces common to electronic music, and work with self-generating systems. Olli Aarni’s goal is to find generative sound producing systems as vivid as flowing water but in an urban landscape, and capture them with faulty technology to enhance the sonic complexity.



Olli Aarni is also working on including structures of spoken and written language into music without using the human voice. His previous such projects include creating a sound alphabet by matching each letter to sounds found from hours of generative synthesis utilizing pareidolia. He will further look for ways to merge aspects of language with music.

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