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19/05/2019 - 03/06/2019

During her Q-O2 Residency, Nichola Scrutton will primarily be working on sound and score materials for Night Vision. The starting point for Night Vision was a series of non-narrative texts captured through an experimental writing practice in the middle of the night lying down in a semiconscious, or liminal, state, over the course of a year. This was a very different artistic approach for Nichola’s work.

Night Vision was initially developed and performed at Rough Mix Residency 2019 with Magnetic North through the question: What happens when these words/sounds are given voice off the page? This residency is an opportunity to reflect on and extend that research through both sound and visual practices.

Nichola Scrutton - Improvisations/Sounding the Space 1
Maria Komarova 17/10/20
Clarice Calvo-Pinsolle 17/10/20

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