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Multi-user 3D environments as sonic instruments with Marko Ciciliani
28/08/2018 - 29/08/2018

A masterclass with Marko Ciciliani. The goal of this two-days workshop is to collaboratively design a 3d environment built in Unity and to perform with it. The environment will offer a multitude of affordances for sonic and musical interactions. Participants will be able to enter the environment simultaneously, as in multi-user games. Here, the simultaneous presence of multiple users in the same environment will yield additional musical possibilities.

Special attention will be given to how the spacial distribution of sonic elements in the 3d environment has musical and temporal consequences, especially when experienced in a scenario with distributed agencies amongst multiple players.

Marko Ciciliani (1970, Croatia) is a composer, performer and audiovisual artist based in Austria. The focus of his work lies in the composition of performance-based electronic music, mostly in audiovisual contexts. Lighting, laser design, or the use of live-video are often integral parts of his compositions.


Technologies and requirements

The 3d environment will be designed in Unity. Since the focus lies on building an environment for musical interaction, advanced visual design will not be a major concern. Unity’s built in audio features will be briefly covered, but in order to have more musical flexibility, SuperCollider will be used as sound source. OSC will serve for data exchange between SuperCollider and Unity.

Experience with the game engine Unity is an advantage but no requirement for this workshop. Some basic familiarity with coding, 3d design, and the use of sound synthesis and sampling is required.


Software: Unity (game development platform) and SuperCollider (audio synthesis and algorithmic composition)


Target group: visual artists, sound artists and musicians interested in interactive interdisciplinary work


Practical Info: 28 & 29 August 2018 from 10:00 to 18:00


Language: English


Participation fee: 40€ (25% discount for students). Registration is mandatory through this form (limited seats).


Location: iMAL, Brussels


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