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Mr.Probe (Marieke Berendsen + Bruno Nelissen)
29/04/2010 - 20:30

Meet Mr. Probe: a unique constitution, new music, interdisciplinary projects After a period when they were both working on other projects, Marieke Berendsen (violin) and Bruno Nelissen (e-guitar/ composition) have rejoined forces. Mr. Probe, which was born out of this, now launches its first programme, with plenty of new compositions. Mr. Probe invited a number of Dutch, Flemish and German composers to fill the missing gap. Impro meets virtuoso in ‘Convection’ by Frank Crijns; front to back and left to right in ‘Door-rooD’ by Bruno Nelissen; nuclear post-apocalyptica in ‘Radioactiviteit’ by Merijn Bisschops; a rock guitarist using a violin as amplifier in the theatrical performance ‘Shootout’ by David Helbich; an electronic probe by Nico Sall; a musical choreography based on a derivative of the work ‘Besides’ in ‘Next to besides besides’ by Simon Steen-Andersen; and a recollection and reinterpretation of (a recording of) a Greek folk dance.Mr. Probe is looking for new ways to transmit music to his audience. Together with dramaturge David Helbich he has created a consistent programme, with ear-opening teasers by the composers, especially created for Mr. Probe says hello, combined with a changing performance. The result is a full evening programme with specific attention for space, movement and radios…

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