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Max/MSP & Arduino introduction course – Sebastian Lexer (CANCELLED)
01/07/2018 - 10:00-18:00
This Max/Arduino introduction course by Sebastian Lexer will give artists interested in media and technologies a comprehensive entry to working with interactive technologies. Max is an established software tool to develop bespoke and individual artistic projects. In the morning session of this introduction course we will be exploring audio and video playback, an a number of simple effects to manipulate audio and video playback. The afternoon session will add the use of the Arduino/Teensy microcontroller to add some effective and inspiring interactive control to your creations.
A fascination in the contingency of sound has been the basis for Sebastian Lexer and his developments in extended piano techniques and a further exploration of modified sonorities derived from the acoustic piano using real-time computer processes. The resulting performance system piano+ has equally developed from a persistent interest in free improvisation and contemporary experimental music.

Over the past 18 years, Sebastian Lexer has been increasingly active as a developer and educator for interactive technologies for artists and musicians, teaching Max/MSP extensively in various Universities and Art Schools across the UK and he is currently a lecturer in Sound Design at University of Glasgow. His bespoke technology developments included setups for Martin Creed, David Shrigley, Dai Fujikura, John Butcher, John Tilbury, Roger Redgate and the OSC and MIDI controller app Parat+ for iOS.
Inscription deadline: 24/6.

Fee: 20 euro (lunch included)

Material: 25€ (if necessary please mention and we will pre-order)

Language: English


Minimum 6, maximum 12 participants.

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