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12/09/2011 - 21/09/2011

Matthias Koole (°1982) is active as a guitarist in written and improvised contemporary music. He is a founding member of the electric guitar quartet ZWERM and plays regurarly with ensembles such as Champ d’Action and improvisation groups Collectief Reflexible and Spandau. As a chamber musician he has a duo with Kobe Van Cauwenberghe with whom he plays pieces of recent repertire for two guitars (Lachenmann, Ferneyhough, Globokar etc), another duo with recorder player Katelijne Lanneau and is member of the trio PARKOUR (with harpist Saara Rautio and Kobe Van Cauwenberghe). As a free-lance guitarist he has also played with Ensemble Cairn of Paris, Ictus Ensemble and the Brussels Philharmonic. He has premiered pieces by Richard Barrett, Stefan Prins, Larry Polansky, Cristian Morales-Ossio, Nico Sall, Mario Del Nunzio, Cristofer Elgh, Karlheinz Essl, Sérgio Ribeiro Lacerda…. Matthias is currently student of the Post Master program of the conservatory of Ghent coördinated by the ensembles Ictus and Spectra.

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