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Marialena Marouda & Charlie Usher
20/04/2020 - 17/05/2020

The Oceanographies Institute studies the relation between the human body and the vast body of the ocean. It is interested in singular human-ocean encounters and the knowledge that is inherent in those encounters. In a series of private meetings, the Ocean Conversations and Demonstrations, the Institute dives into different people’s experiences and memories of the ocean. The aim is to find out what the ocean feels like and how it can be invoked or summoned. The conversations and demonstrations are therefore experiments in making the ocean appear as a non-human element in those meetings between humans. The meetings are documented in the form of handwritten notes. The notes are later transcribed into fragmentary scripts (conversations) and scores (demonstrations). Those scripts and scores are used to re-inact the conversations and demonstrations in public settings.
During the residency at Q-O2, Marialena Marouda, the Institute’s initiator, will collaborate with composer Charlie Usher on the polyphonic performance of the Ocean Conversation scripts and scores. On the one hand, they will work on a compositional method for performing those conversations. Some of their questions are: When and how can speech transform into music and song? How can one play with this threshold? How can the musical relation between two voices be explored? And how can this constellation summon another -third- voice, namely, the one of the ocean, to which the speech refers? A rewriting of the conversations scripts in order to make their musicality more apparent is the second focus point of the residency. In this sense, the scripts of the Ocean Conversations will be transformed into musical scores for two voices.

Introducing the Institute’s residency at Q-O2 is a workshop with voice practitioner Johanna Peine. Millions of years ago, sound emerged as the vibration of bodies floating in the ocean. The workshop will explore the deep connection between sound, voice and the ocean and will flood our human bodies with water -and its memory. If you’re interested to participate, please register with q-O2!

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