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17/10/2020 - 08/11/2020

Maria Komarova is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice is situated on the borders of scenography, contemporary theatre, sound and installation art. She is interested in creating spatial settings that foster a sense of curiosity and attention toward everydayness. By staging and technically repurposing commonplace objects, Komarova’s works emphasize an aesthetic potential of the non-human actors.
Working with sound as a performative medium, she continuously develops DIY electro-acoustic objects and lets them temporarily inhabit the sites of performances and installations. During the past years, her project 555 bugs has been presented internationally at such festivals and venues as Oscillation 2023, Reveil 2023, Sonic Acts 2022, Lisboa Soa 2022, STUK (as part of Beyond Music: #5) among others. 
Komarova is a cofounder of Prague-based theatre collective PYL, International Festival of Performative Arts — Performensk (formerly based in Minsk, since 2022 — in exile).

Glauco Salvo - Field Studies
David Helbich - Live - 9/12/22 (Excerpt)
Aymeric De Tapol - Encore une etude de flute

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