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Marc Sabat & Mareike Lee
05/03/2018 - 25/03/2018

Light Ground (2016-) is a continually evolving work combining multiple layers of projected light and sound by Mareike Lee (video, installation and live drawing) and Marc Sabat (composition and performance with violin).

The musical ground is a precorded four-channel track of slowly transforming patterns played on two Indian tanpuras. In a cycle over approximately two hours, these come and go in a series of modulating harmonic waves. The gradually changing tones move from unison on a low C to unison on a distantly related high F and back again, gradually introducing consonances and dissonances above a deep, pulsing subaudio fundamental frequency.

The visual setting consists of a site-specific constellation of video projections and drawings upon the surfaces of the installation space, paper and reflective materials, architectures of light and ground. Like the tanpuras, the films are cyclic, complex patterns: movements of sunlight and shadow cast by natural forms onto ceilings, floors and walls, details evoking a transforming inner world.

A second musical layer is a composition for variable instrumentation and a singing voice trained in the Indian Dhrupad tradition, performed live, currently being developed in a residency at the Q-O2 artist space. The musicians draw individual tones, sketch gradually moving intermittent lines, curves with bending tones, and unite in a chorale-like melody, shadings which emerge from and return to the tanpura ground.

Concurrent and in dialogue with the live music, the installation is being visually transformed as the artist, also performing live, draws and erases layers of chain-link drawings. Both media, sound and light, interact through the filtering process of perception to create layers of association and reflection.

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