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Manama / G.A.M.E. concert
05/04/2018 - 20:30 - free

-Pierluigi Billone: ‘Mani.Gonxha’ (2011) for two Tibetan Sounding Bowls


Elliot Harrison

This work by Pierluigi Billone (1960) could easily be named: ‘What the hand knows’. Each object is given the right presence and the right music. Each object is given a new alphabet. Here, percussion is no longer the art of hitting things, but the art of tact.


-Robin Hoffmann: ‘Locken’ (2006) for seven Jay Calls


*’Birkhahn’ (Black Grouse) Call: Anne Zeuwts, Clara Levy, Teresa Doblinger, Maria Dominguez Perez, Ana Filipa Botelho, Caterina Roberti, Carlo Siega conducted by Tom De Cock

! Don’t feed the birds ! Robin Hoffmann (1970) wrote this Black Grouse septet for seven ‘Birkhahn’ birdcall flutes. The birds appear to be extremely versatile musical objects, evoking a new musical bird-fight. The seven birds compete for the best spot, sometimes extremely soft, sometimes broken and shattered, sometimes very loud and confident.


-Jonah Haven: ‘Zafe’ (2017) for two Percussionists


*Percussion: Kaja Farszky and Elliot Harrison

An ear-tickling amplified percussion duet by emerging American composer Jonah Haven (1995). Here, percussion isn’t what it used to be: giant contact-miced screws and parts of plumbing, tin boxes played with chopsticks. A mini-industrial world of sound.


-Clara Ianotta: ‘3 sur 5′ (2012-13) for two Percussionists and Accordion


*Percussion: Kaja Farszky and Elliot Harrison
*Accordion: Ward Ginneberghe

Italian composer Clara Ianotta (1983) has a particular interest in collaborating with musicians that are interested that like to invest in the search for new kinds of sound. ‘3 sur 5’ is written for the French trio KDM and explores the relationship in sonority between the accordion and a particular selection of percussion instruments. A suite in 5 movements where rhythmic games take the lead. 


-James Saunders:’ With Paper’ (2006-08/2009) for any number of performers


*Clara Levy, Teresa Doblinger, Maria Dominguez Perez, Caterina Roberti, Carlo Siega

James Saunders (1972): ‘with paper (2006/8, 2009- ) is a series of score sheets where the notation and instrument are contained within the page. The first two versions of the piece were originally part of #[unassigned]. In 2006 I collaborated with artist book maker John McDowall to make a series of 33 pages where the sound was activated by touch. In 2008 I made a version for a Parkinson Saunders performance in Brighton, where the paper was cut in various ways. Since 2009, these pages have been incorporated into with paper.’



An intensive two year programme dedicated to contemporary solo and chamber music, multimedia installation and extended concert, in close collaboration with ICTUS ensemble and Spectra ensemble. Numerous workshops, master classes and lectures by influential composers, choreographers, theatre makers and visual artists. Various performances with GAME (Ghent Advanced Master Ensemble) in different European countries (last year GAME performed in Brussels, Zagreb, Athens, Gent).



The Ghent Advanced Master Ensemble or GAME unites different collaborations between students of the advanced master programme contemporary music of the Ghent Conservatory. GAME is the banner under which a young vanguard of excellent musicians join forces, create new works and open-mindedly explore the most recent trends of the contemporary music scene.


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