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Luke Fowler + moro sphinx (Mathieu Lilin, Arnaud Paquotte, Daniel Dariel) / iMAL pre-opening
23/11/2019 - 18h - free

Concert at the occasion of the pre-opening of the new space of iMAL.


morosphinx (>soundcloud) is in its actual form a trio (double bass, baritone saxophone, percussion). We want to understand the silence and the background as an elastic material, and make it sensitive to the audience. Our goal is to create, through the medium of improvisation, a space where everyone has their place, without logic of confrontation; to have a model of possible games that is not dependent on a setting in opposition of territories. A space where each participant can find a type of development of its own.


Luke Fowler will be performing a live soundtrack to two 16mm films I have made. 
One is shot in Canada and is about Magick/superstition/ritual the other is shot in Orkney and is dedicated to Margaret Tait (im currently working on a feature film about her).
Both are untitled and have never been performed/shown in Belgium before.



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