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Los Glissandinos + Schnee
13/04/2007 - 20:30

Los GlissandinosKai Fagaschinski and Klaus Filip began their intensive collaboration early 2004. Fagaschinski plays his clarinet with an approach of sound and noise phenomena while Filip uses a laptopwith material based on sine waves, which he organizes and manipulates in various ways. The duo’s sound includes very transparent and quiet noise sections, droning clusters, beatific harmonic chords and massive vibrating tone walls. knowing each other for many years, Stangl and Kurzmann started „Schnee“ in 1999. They recorded a cd together. At the same time they started to experiment with their new approachwithin so called ‘new’ or ‘experimental’ music, to incorporate songformat and pop vocals into their compositions and improvisations. These experiments led to the recording of a second album,’Schnee live’.

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