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26/05/2010 - 02/06/2010

London concert series “Music We’d Like to Hear” has invited sound artist Lee Patterson to create a new work for piano for July. Lee uses contact mics and hydrophones to investigate and reveal unheard sounds in the daily environment, for example within the structures of buildings, or underwater in ponds, or in the combustion of foodstuffs. In this project, we are fascinated to see how Lee will apply these procedures to the mechanism of an upright piano, drawing out a wealth of sound from the body, cavity and workings within the instrument, to create a kind of piano music never before heard. He has a preference for overlooked or hidden sounds, with a preference for natural sound production, the only electronic enhancement being that of amplification. Mostly he gathers sound from natural outdoor settings, combining these in performance with live elements of similar sound foraging, but in this case the field of exploration will be limited to the piano.

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