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Lee Patterson & Tim Parkinson / Luke Fowler
25/11/2010 - 20:30

Lee Patterson is a sound artist who investigates hidden sounds within our daily environment. In searching for alternative methods for making sound with a piano, he realised that each piano possesses its own distinct character due to design, manufacture, age, use, and other factors. Such sonic idiosyncracies allow unique possibilities within each instrument. ‘Pianoworks (2010)’, a composition written for Tim Parkinson, are derived from studies conducted upon an old piano in Brussels.How to create a meaningful dialogue between looking and listening? Luke Fowler’s film cycle ‘A Grammar for Listening’ attempts to address this question through the possibilities afforded by 16mm film and digital sound recording devices. In part 1, Fowler furthers his on-going dialogues with the sound artist Lee Patterson (Manchester, England). Parts 1 and 2 evolved from filming and recording trips, whose locations were chosen based on a number of geographic and acoustic possibilities.

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