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Léa Roger & Flavio Bagnasco
01/02/2022 - 13/02/2022


We are continually surrounded by data streams that we cannot perceive.
We would like to work on possible ways to interfere with these kind of streams of electromagnetic waves that are constantly present in the air (wifi, bluetooth, GPS…). These signals are like the visible light radiation but at lower frequencies. In computers, the digital datas are not only zeros and ones but are actually encoded into electric square waves. The binary information is a modulation in the square wave signal : for example, a word equals a series of up and down movements in the signal.
During this residency in Q02 (in August and December 2021), we are planning to open a research on the possibility to render audible and visible the data transmission. We would like to explore different ways of transmitting information in different mediums (in air, in solids, or as an electromagnetic wave (light, radio, infrared, etc)). For example, we could encode the information into the slowed blinking of a light that would be received with a photo sensor, or even convert data into variations in a stream of water or into the movement of an object… By making the encoded transmission visible and palpable we want to allow everyone to act on it, with a process of “sensitive hacking”, that would interfere with this transmission, transforming the original information. For example by touching the water, and deviating the stream of information, the received content would be different than the one emitted in the first place.
This kind of process open on different questions which we will be interested during this residency : Could each of these modifications, generated by human disruptions, create another action (collective this time) that would unfold as the installation is exhibited?
Because the interference will influence the encoded signal and not the analog signal, what will be the nature of the glitches and sound interference that will appear?
How the empirical experience of this device could open up other perceptions of reality?

This project will be shown in a final presentation where people could experiment with this process in a sound and visual installation.

Sebastian Dingens - WALKS
Pavel Tchikov 29/11/23
Nika Son - Scatter

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