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15/06/2020 - 11/07/2020

During this residency, I would like to learn from the experiences accumulated by the people working in Q-02. Together with my friend and comrade Lionel Gafner, I work as a curator of experimental music ans sound practice at the Lokal-Int, a small art centre in the Swiss working-class city of Biel/Bienne. An officially bilingual city, like Brussels.

I would like to document ways of welcoming artists, researchers, the public and other visitors. The idea is to understand what processes we could apply in Biel/Bienne. And hopefully create an exchange by inviting people from Q-O2 in our venue.

In addition, I would also like to meet people within the Brussels electroacoustic scene. Since 2019, I have been conducting a research in which I study the national political and economic contexts during the emergence of electronic music in the 1950s to 1970s. And I would like to know more about the Belgian context. The title of this project is “state music”.

Sebastian Dingens - WALKS
Pavel Tchikov 29/11/23
Nika Son - Scatter

Q-O2 is supported by the Flemish Community, VGC and the European Union
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