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KRAAK presents: Eve Aboulkheir (FR) & Andrew Pekler (DE)
22/10/2023 - 20:00 (doors 19:30) - 6/8/10 eur

Presenting KRAAK’s latest release ~ and first CD in a while! ~ Eve Aboulkheir’s “Hypnagogic Walks” gets unleashed into the world to the sound of live performances by this electroacoustic sound sorceress of the digiage, as well as some sentimental guitar escapism by none other than dexterous sound wiz Andrew Pekler.


Eve Aboulkheir

The sound sorcery is neverending ~ following her chimerically immersive release Guilin Synthetic Daydream on Portraits GRM, Eve Aboulkheir presents her latest outing out on the KRAAKian insignia: Hypnagogic Walks speaks to waning states of cognizance induced by disorienting sonic sculptures as familiar as they are alien. A fractalized stroll through electroacoustic lucid dreams, eyes closed and ears wide open.


Andrew Pekler

Last spotted in our midst at Eastern Daze ‘17, international man of musical inscrutability Andrew Pekler returns with his looping fantasias under the guise of a new musical persona, SG. Sawing guitar lines and ambient soundscapes piece together an atmosphere of strange sentimentality, with swirling melodies creeping into your brain like living earworms intoxicated on emotion. His new record For Lovers Only/Rain Suite is out on faitiche October 6!

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