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25/09/2018 - 25/10/2018

The title of this residency is “A Pipe of a Different Color”. During his stay at Q-O2 workspace Klaas Hübner will offer his service to the citizens of Brussels. He will use his handcraft skills for simple repair of household items and furniture. He will also offer his service for free, but accept donations of any kind.


Klaas Hübner will travel by bike and visit people’s homes by appointment, offering his at the actual place of repair. He will document the work with photographs of the item before and after, a map where the item was located, and a simple statistic about the amount of time spent repairing the item. In parallel, he will record audio samples of the repair process or the item itself too and aim to arrange a musical work with them. He would love to display the result at the end of the residency, hopefully with some original items on display. He aims that his engagement can be useful to extend the lifetimes of the items and create awareness of the waste we produce, motivating people to repair things and objects themselves. In addition, he am also interested in the social interactions and the different lives he may encounter. The title of his  work is inspired by the repairman Harry Tuttle, played by Robert De Niro in the motion picture Brazil.


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