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Kim Myhr & Sébastien Roux
16/04/2011 - 20:30

Sébastien Roux’s work relies on two complementary principles: perception of form / forms of
Sébastien invites the listener to adopt a perspective that unites listening to concepts and listening to
sound phenomena, stimulating an active listening, which can be playful and thought-provoking.
This approach involves writing that aims to be “objective”, where the rules of the game are given to
the listener in advance. They’re accompanied by considerations of spatialization and listening
His work is manifested through various formats at the frontiers of music and sound art: concerts with
projected graphic scores, commented listening sessions with loudspeaker systems, sound
installations, site-specifc performances …
Along with his solo works Roux maintains signifcant collaborations. He frequently, working with
author Célia Houdart and set designer Olivier Vadrot on transdisciplinary and site-specifc projects.
He has created the sound environment for choreographic works by DD Dorvillier and Rémy Héritier.

Kim Myhr (born 17. december 1981 in Oslo) is a musician and composer in the field of contemporary and improvised music. He studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston (2003-2005) and has since then lived a cosmopolitan lifestyle with periodical stays in Oslo, Cologne, Paris and Sydney. He has embarked on an international career as an improviser and has performed throughout Europe, Australia, Japan, Canada and United States. His other projects these days is a duo with australian musician Jim Denley (cd out on either/OAR 2008), a group called ”silencers” with pianist Benoit Delbecq, plus a group with Quebec musicians Martin Tetreault, Philippe Lauzier and Pierre-Yves Martel (cd out 2008 on Ambiances Magnetiques). He has also collaborated with Anthony Pateras, Robbie Avenaim, Toshi Nakamura, Tetuzi Akiyama, Christian Wallumrød to mention a few. Kim is the organizer of a festival for improvised and new music in Trondheim, Norway called ”Fri Resonans”.Myhr is interested in sound poetry, where it is the sound itself, its texture and nuance of timbre that is the core of his expression, rather than traditional musikal parameters such as functional harmony and melody, although they can appear too, but then only hidden, like shades.The consideration of nothing is also important in his music: to take no existing element for granted and to build music from nothing and with simple buildingblocks. In other words, Myhr sees the importance of questioning the very foundation of his thinking about music. Deconstructing it, then constructing. Why is there music, and not nothing? Myhr received the JazZtipend 2008/2009 at the Molde Jazz festival in 2008, the largest jazz-price in Norway. He will return to Molde in 2009 with a new piece for large ensemble featuring Sidsel Endresen, Christian Wallumrød, Jim Denley, Clare Cooper and many others.

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