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12/08/2019 - 02/09/2019

Katharina Klement will focus on the development of a new solo: suite pour une femme seule 1.5 for zither, preparations, electronics.

She started her first solo of this series in 2015 with the line up clavichord, zither, synthesizer, ringmodulator, prerecorded sounds, transducer. The base is a quite strictly organized structure with several free spaces for improvisation. Within the last three years she developed and changed this solo for a few times. The setting and form metamorphosed continuously, she adapted it to certain locations and situations. During her at Q-O2 she would like to process it further, creating a new version of it. She will experiment with new preparations and integrate more live electronics. Some of her field recordings from her stay in South India in 2018/19 will be merged as well, they will be the base for a “sound synthesis” regarding a western and eastern approach to sound in general.


Photo ©Nina-Straehli

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