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The IKO audio speaker – workshop wth Jürgen De Blonde (full)
19/02/2022 - 14h - 18h

The IKO is a revolutionary new 3D audio speaker. It is the most compact speaker system based on 3D audio technology, Higher Order Ambisonics (HOA), available in the world today.


IKO is an audio speaker that is able to project Higher Order Ambisonics in a unique way, namely, from a central point outwards instead of the usual way, via an array or surround speaker arrangement towards the centre.


During the workshop, the possibilities of this instrument will be shown and explored: its interaction with the space, how the sound can be controlled acoustically. We will also explore a number of techniques using Ambisonics and other surround/spatial sound tools. There will also be the possibility to play or try out (time permitting) short fragments of your own. A unique opportunity to get acquainted with IKO.


in collaboration with LUCA – School of Arts


workshop fee 15€, registration at

This is a Covid Safe Ticket event

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