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post-residency showing
04/04/2013 - 19:00 > 22:00

Julie Rousse is a sound artist, improviser performer and electroacoustic composer. During her residency at Q-O2, she worked on her next sound installation called ‘The House of Dreams’.

This project stretches out the long term research she has pursued during the past years on these topics called by this title. In Freud’s interpretation of the dreams, the house that one can represent himself unconsciously is nothing less than the representation of the self. The House is a personal space enclosing individual experiences through Time, laying like strata the secrets of the past. But it is as well the outside fa├žade of History and daily life.

Through a multichannel composition and scenography of the spatialized audio environment, she will recreate the complex multitude and diversified turmoil of the (Hi)story told by the walls of the House.

This research project is publicly shown as a work-in-progress show at the end of the creation process.

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