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Jaume Ferrete

Jaume Ferrete
09/12/2013 - 23/12/2013

My residency in Q-O2 will be focused primarily on finishing the first phase of the project Voz Files; and a public presentation of it. This project has been a conversation based research on the uses of the voice its associated discourses, forms of circulation and availability. I’ve recorded conversations with a variety of people at least temporarily characterized by its belonging to groups as that of museum audiences, LGBTQI and feminist activists, the academy, art world, amateur music or BDSM. All of this conversations revolve around the subject of voice. Voz Files will be presented as a website piece that will archive and add discourse to the collected voices; this will be done through forms of alteration, classification, and navigation of the files. Finally the website will establish relations between this material and documentation -audiovisual, textual‚Ķ- on cases of uses of the voice. This website piece should serve also as a toolbox for people interested or working in the subject.

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